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Why to Call PC Solver?

Just because we have the most professional, reliable, accurate, honest and friendly service in town and a valuable member and collaborator of Weston Chamber of Commerce since 1999..

Also our service give you what others can´t, as:


  • FREE pick-up and FREE delivery

  • FREE solutions over the phone to our clients 24/7

  • FREE estimates

  • FREE advertising in our website for our clients companies

  • We deliver an honest and excellent service at fair prices

  • We talk in your language (Spanish/English)

  • If the job is too big, we will charge you for the job and not by the hour

  • We have the Knowledge and the experience of 38 years in the IT field

  • We offer service contracts customized to specific needs

  • We offer 24/7 support calling (954) 547-4651

  • We Rent you a website if you can´t afford a new development

  • We help you in your home/office/lab or over the phone

  • We focus on the problem

  • We appreciate your business

  • We offer friendly professional and qualified technicians who will explain you in non-technical words what happen and how to solve it.

  • Most Competitive rates on the market

  • We have friends instead of Clients !!! 

……..And much, much more!
Just call us and see the difference for yourself.

24x7  (954) 547-4651