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System Programming

PC SOLVER experts can create a program or a specific data base system to specifically meet your company´s needs.

Whether it is an application running on a single computer, on a network, or available to your clients via the Internet, we can develop a perfect solution that will work right for you.

Our new system design will not change your actual business practices in order to be computerized.

We will meet with you, help to determine your requirements, and develop an application that will be a perfect fit and your satisfaction.

We have the people and the knowledge of twenty-six years on the IT field, designing for banks, government, accounting firms, financial institutions, insurance companies, a/c companies, 911 (police-fire-emergencies), card dealers, wholesalers, supermarkets, car manufacturers and others.

Our system analysts and programmers have the experience in different equipments and languages from PC´s to large mainframes.