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VIRUS Check, Control and Removal


Sometimes, your computer begins to act in a rare manner, to do not stop, freezing-up, doing things without your order; open/close files alone, not to execute some applications, etc. That can be a suspicion that you may have a virus on your computer.

If you try to update your virus definitions and run a full scan (All Files with no exclusions) sometimes will not work because the INFECTION is already in your PC and the only one secure method is to do it from a clean environment.
This is a not easy work. First you need to determinate the virus or viruses in your system and also pass the toll to fix it. If the tool does not work, you need to do it by hand.

If you are not sure how to do this, or prefer a professional to check your system, PC SOLVER offer professional virus removal and protection services. A technician will come to your location, remove the infection, and will restore any system files that were damaged by the virus. In addition, we will also offer to update your virus protection to the most current available along with configuring your computer for maximum security.

I use the most professional Virus Cleaning tools available on the market to scan and remove all currently identified viruses from infected computers. The standard charge for our service ranges from the normal diagnostic charge up to an hour or two hour´s labor, depending on the level of infection.

Sometimes, if you do not act quickly enough, some viruses damage and destroy vital information in you PC as a Windows executable files, application files, data files, etc. In order to prevent this lost is very important that you establish what files need to be backup and also do it regularly.

At the time that a virus is detected in your PC most of the non-contaminated files can be replaced if you have a clean backup. Websites where people are sharing files are big focuses to obtain one. In our experience 90% of the infected PC’s that arrives to our lab has software installed to download programs over the internet for free and sharing a portion of their hard driveo.

I also can provide you the latest version of a virus protection and setup your computer/s in order to find the latest leave updated files from internet regarding virus definitions and also create periodically scans in your systems to prevent any future damages.


If you can´t afford an antivirus we will install a FREE antivirus in your computer at no extra cost with any service call.


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