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Maintenance Contracts

Is recommended to check and service the INTERIOR of your computer at least ONCE A YEAR, but that time can be increased if you are in areas of high pollution, poor air circulation, areas where corrosion is present, mechanical places, etc.
This service is cheap than to replace some important components plus tech hours to do the job or to replace the Computer.

The maintenance backup is a tediously job but it pays for themselves when you lose information after a computer crash. For that reason, we also scan your disk and fix the bad sectors, defragmenter the disk to create a logical use of contiguous information and run the tools to maintain your Operative System healthy.

INTERNAL Maintenance:
This service consist on a full ´tune up´ of the computer including:

  • Create a backup before to open the Computer to eliminate risks

  • Remove debris from Power Supply Fan and also the Case Fan

  • Remove debris from internal casing to prevent poor air circulation and static buildup.

  • Check PC and Processor temperature

  • Perform Hard Disk Scan to identify and fix faulty sectors and correct them (if possible).

  • Hard disk Defragmentation to increase drive performance and speed. 

For a superior service PC SOLVER also include: 

  • FREE Complete deleting of Built-up files & other´s to increase SPEED

  • FREE Computer statistics telling you the software, versions, and also hardware installed in your PC.

  • FREE Windows Check for errors and/or corruption

  • FREE Windows Registry Check & Fix 

EXTERNAL Maintenance:
The Outside cleaning is important to maintain your computer clean, out of germs, bacteria and debris. Also keyboard and mousse collect dust armful for functioning. Monitor need to be clean to maintain low heat. REMEMBER, the computer sometimes contains part of your life and represents you in front of others. Maintain clean your components!

Our service include: Keyboard, Mouse (in/out) and Monitor cleaning.

If you do an INTERNAL maintenance, the External is FREE of charge.