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Custom Build Computers


Have your computer custom built. More than just a pretty box on the outside, we can build your next computer with any main board and cards that you desire. You may not want some of the things that retail outlets offer in their "pre-built systems" or you may want more than they offer. Call us for a quote or complete our form and we´ll get on it straight away. Get a Quote now!

Sometimes, an old PC is not worth repairing or upgrading. Example: Replacing an old failed hard drive with a new high capacity drive might not work properly or because of motherboard, CMOS or operating systems limitations. In such cases, we strongly recommend building a new system using as many components of your old computer as we can. Please NOTE that in order to make an upgrade cost-effective, we replace your old box with a NEW box containing a new system board, new processor, a new large capacity hard disk, at least 128 MB memory plus any additional features you would like us to add such as a DVD drive, CD Rewritable or a high resolution 3D graphics card. However, we will use your existing components such as CD ROM drive, Floppy Drive, modem, graphic card where possible. In this way, your upgrade will be extremely cost-effective compared to buying a brand new system from a High Street vendor, which might cost you twice and in some case three times more than price you pay for an upgrade.

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