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Computer Upgrades


Sometimes you don´t need a new system! Maybe we just need to slide this board out and slide this better one in.

Is your PC running too slow?

Is your computer doing nothing/freezing up or executing thing for their own?

Is Your Hard Drive full?

How about adding more memory or a faster processor!

Need a faster modem? a new DSL or cable connection? Or adding that special video card... all those new games require?


Maybe you just need a new keyboard or mouse. Need it installed or configured? We can help you with your installation and configuration! We can add Hard drives, memory, CD ROMs, and even help you make that jump to Windows 98SE, Me, Y2K, NT or XP. We can also help you to decide upgrade that old computer or buy some new equipment?

If you need more advanced technology for your operations, but you´re not ready for a custom built system, we´ll gladly talk to you about upgrading your existing system.

We will thoroughly cover all your options and make it clear what you´ll need to make your upgrade as quick and smooth as possible.

We evaluate your current computer for upgrade compatibility and install new processor, memory, video cards, modems, network cards, CPU fans, hard drives, CD ROM drives, DVD ROM drives, CD burners, zip drives, external drives, printers, scanners, USB cards, hubs, switches, Routers, software and as much as you want in your new system.

Also we can install the software or hardware that you provide us. Is it time for an upgrade? Never underestimate the damage old monitors can do to your health! If your PC Monitor is old, flickering, blurry or have bad colors this in turn can lead to Headaches, Tiredness, Nausea and Poor Eyesight.

We born with computer architecture; we have the experience and the tools to provide you total satisfaction. We can upgrade many systems quickly and economically. If you computer meets our criteria for upgrading we´ll tell you and also will provide you an estimate. Upgrading your system may include one or more of the following and the components can be provided by us or from you:


  • CPU upgrades
  • System Board upgrades
  • BIOS upgrades
  • Memory upgrades
  • Device upgrades

Ask for our competitive prices on all upgrades, whether you want to upgrade several components or just want to add more capabilities to your existing machine. Trade in your old parts for further discounts.