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Computer Repairs

 Computers like cars, can breakdown from time to time, at any moment even without advice you first. One day you will shut down your PC and probably net day your system will not start or have problems. When that time comes your auto mechanic won´t be able to do much to get your system back up and running. We´ve thousands of hours in experience studying computer and system architecture and repairing, upgrading and building computer systems.

We provide on-site repair services and FREE pick-up and delivery services. When you call us, our technician will come to your premises, diagnose the problem and repair it, usually in less than an hour. If your system requires extensive testing and diagnostics our technician will carefully pack up your computer system, repair it in our lab and return it, usually in the next 24 hours.

We repair ANY brand Computers, servers, laptops, desktops and network connections with full component support, that includes general and specific hardware faults and configurations.

We replace failed hardware such as hard drives, CD-ROM drives, modems, graphics cards etc. Also we can re-load and re-install corrupt operating systems, programs and applications; fix their problems and customize them to your needs.
PC Solver provides prompt service for all computer repairs. You can bring your machine to us, or we will come to you and provide complete on-site service to diagnose and repair the problem.
Whether it´s a bad part, a problem with your software installation, or any other troubles, we´ll be there to help get you back on the track to productivity.

Are you constantly find yourself waiting long periods of time for your computer to do a simple tasks such as opening programs? you may wish to consider upgrading it. In most cases, upgrading your existing computer is much more cost effective than buying a new one and can increase overall system performance significantly. If you feel an upgrading your system is not to your satisfaction, you might want to contact PC SOLVER to give you the correct advice to select the perfect system that serves you more and also save maney. Come to us or we will go to you.




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