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Thanks for fixing my macbook keyboard and my Ipad 2 cracked screen!! paid half of what the mac store quoted me for! thanks Alex.

                                                     James Cunnins
PC Solver did a service a year ago, they saved my Mac files due an operative system crash adn still working good. Today I called Alex and he gave me free information on what computer to buy. Thanks Alex.

                                                             Art gubbel

It is extremely frustration for a family of five that has become dependent upon their PC´s to have computer technical problems. Who do you call? There is no helpdesk. There is no co-worker in the next cube that may have experienced the same problem. It is very reassuring to know that there is a resource locally that has the expertise and patience to provide technical expertise in the home. My personal experience with pc-solver was when my laptop hard drive error prevented me from booting up the machine that my wife and I relied on for all of our personal computing needs It is times like this when you need, to not only have a name of someone that has the technical expertise, but someone you can trust. Alex, at pc-solver, provided personal service at my home and allowed me to get my family back on the computer without spending a fortune. I feel that his approach and cost consciousness was very sensitive to the fact this was my personal money that I was spending. Now that I have three computers on a local area network with two printers, it is a comfort to know I have someone I can trust when I need pc help.

Randy Hubbell



"Main Deck Imports requested PC Solver service some months ago to rebuild its Web Page. We have received excellent service and good advice. Mr. Gomez has been very patient to my requests and concerns."

Ana Kenny

PC Solver people wired-up my hole new office in order to have the network ready before we move it. They did an excellent job, working after-hours and also the incredible thing was that they cleaned the hole office floor before they left. I recommend their services without exceptions".

M. Nuteilman


A friend referred PC Solver to me. I was going to CompUSA but last time they tried to charge me for a new hard disk when Alex fixed it without any problem. It wasn´t a disk problem, it was a virus in my PC. Thanks Alex, and also thanks for all your support over the phone!

Barbara Borl